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There is beauty in everything, but only few can see it – Jeremy McGilvrey

@jeremy mcgilvrey Everything you see around you is based off of your belief system. For example, if you were taught that coffee is the meaning of life (pretty much ūüėú) you will notice coffee shops and anything to do with coffee around you. What you believe in most you will attract into your life.

inspiration · Jeremy Mcgilvrey · Life Quotes · Self Discipline · success

Sometimes all you need is good music and the open road – Jeremy McGilvrey

@jeremymcgilvrey Nothing clears your head better than some good music and a long drive. Remember we all have our days where we don’t want to deal with the stress and headaches of life, but we have to find a way push through it.

inspiration · Jeremy Mcgilvrey · Life Quotes · motivation · motivational speaker · Self Discipline · success

If you want to be powerful, educate yourself – Jeremy McGilvrey

@jeremymcgilvrey If you want to change where you’re at in your life, educate yourself. The more you know, the more you can give to others. In a world where information is at your fingertips you have no excuse as to why you can’t change your situation.