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Success Leaves Clues


Let’s talk about success. I’m ( Jeremy Mcgilvrey ) sure you know by now that successful people do – what unsuccessful people won’t do. That’s just a fact of life!

George Washington Carver said: “When you do the common things in life, in an uncommon way, you’ll command the attention of the world.” Pat Riley, one of the few coaches who’s won NBA titles as a player, and a coach put it another way. Riley said: “Do the ordinary things, extraordinarily well.”
Something I’ve learned is: Success will not lower its standards to us, we must raise our standards to success.
I’m sure you’re well aware of who Napoleon Hill is, the author of the highly influential book: Think and Grow Rich. Napoleon Hill spent his life studying, and observing the determinants of success. And in an interesting survey Hill conducted – he talked with people who had earned over 1 million dollars a year for three consecutive years. Napoleon Hill found these people all had five things in common:
No. 1: Every one of these people knew exactly where they wanted to go in life. They knew what they wanted to accomplish. Each of them had goals they wanted to achieve, and they wrote their goals down and referred to them daily.
No. 2: They were all keen in understanding human behavior. They each knew that you get out of people – what you sow into them.
No. 3: They were able to ask the right questions, and probably most importantly, listen very carefully to the answers. These people were acutely aware that listening was an art form.
No. 4: They all had commitment and focus. Nothing was going to stop these people from reaching their goals. These highly successful individuals removed all the noise and clutter and only focused on the major things in life. (That’s were a lot of people go wrong, they major in minor things.)
No. 5: They all had superior work ethics.
You can become a millionaire just like these people by emulating what they did. You see, success leaves clues. And what Napoleon Hill did for us was uncover what those clues were.
So figure out right now exactly what it is you want in life. Write out a plan to achieve it. . Do some brainstorming about the people and resources you’re going to need to help you. And never ever, ever, ever, let anyone out work you!

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