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In a world where starting and maintaining a business has become cyber-organic in structure and function, choosing a marketing platform can be daunting: Growing a business even more daunting. Instagram is considered one of the best platforms to showcase your services. With a delicate balance of pictures and words, it is the perfect platform for small businesses to blossom. Instagram has grown over the years, establishing itself as a powerhouse, pulling in attention and creating opportunities. It has broken so much cyber grounds that were previously uncharted.In one research, it was revealed to garner about 115% more interaction than the popular blue giant – Facebook. So the big question, how can you use Instagram to market your products and services efficiently? To find out, keep reading…


Here are some surefire ways to grow your business on Instagram:


Enough cannot be said about this. Often, the social media-verse makes humans forget about interaction; the value of commenting, of asking questions, of seeing followers as customers that have a mind – needs that your business should satisfy. Interaction should be your core focus as a business owner. A simple “thank you” will suffice a compliment. Follow back your followers. Be genuine in your comments and your curiosity.
Remember that there is no cure for lack of enthusiasm. People crave meaningful relationships and connection. Your business should be all about building that connection. It isn’t money first – it should be human first. See the need, meet it head on. After all, businesses start because of a need that exists and has to be filled. Engage your followers. It is not criminal to be human. So be human.


Don’t you want all your social media accounts to work like a well-oiled machine? If you do, then link them up! It will easily transfer followers of your brand from other platforms to Instagram. One thing to note here is your brand name. Try to make it consistent through all the social media platforms. It may be taken on some platforms, but this is where creative evolution comes to play.Effectively doing this will make your business more visible. Customers like things easy. No one likes to go through strain just to find they like. Yes, linking your accounts has the potential to transform followers into customers. Creatively name your brand on social media and make sure it is consistent.


Engaging hash-tags attract attention. You should put in a lot of thought when using hash tags because they represent your brand. Create hash-tags that can be re purposed by your brand. Study hash tags that have survived the test of time and understand why they work. Closely follow brands that are doing exceptionally well and subsequently mirror yours. It is imperative that you learn different techniques that will make your brand stand out. Give hash-tags your time, and you will not regret it.


Posting is a good thing because it keeps your time-line fresh and keeps your followers from getting bored. There are optimal times for posting and this will depend on what part of the world you are and where your customer base is concentrated. It will take experimentation chocked full with a lot of trial and error. Be sure to monitor posts. Look for the ones with a lot of likes and compare the time. Watch out for posts your followers respond to and reply.


Instagram videos are an excellent way to show off your brand. In fact, not neglecting any of the tools provided by Instagram will make you look serious. Show your followers what you are planning as a brand. Let them know the things you have in store for them. Do something fun and show your followers. It is the best way to engage them.


While running a business may seem like hard work, and it is, you should have fun on Instagram. Instagram was built on that fun rock which is why the youth gobble it up. There is a reason young people understand it better. Yes, there are consequences when the wrong stuff gets out, but the aim is fun. Create a fun experience for your followers. Show them why patronizing you is their best bet to getting what they want. Show them how different you think and how refreshing your approach is. It all goes back to interaction and consistency; they cannot be overemphasized.


Follow other brands that relate to you and some that may not be. Don’t be a loner: be an avid follower of good content providers. Gauge their response and online presence. Think like a customer and engage them. Keeping your rivals close is good for your business. If your rival produces amazing content, eat it up with the goal of learning from what they do so well. It is not enough to know. You must learn while you follow.


It is easy to fall into the trap of just posting to keep up, but you must never forget to be relevant. Relevant posts are the salt of social media. They add spice, flavor and fresh air to how your brand is perceived. You want to be seen as progressive. Let your prospects see you a brand moving ahead of time.


In the cyber world learning the correct strategies and techniques is a must. Attend webclasses that teach you how to present your brand better. Jeremy McGilvrey’s class is one not to miss. Spend time and money on these training. If you want to be proficient on this platform and turn your Instagram page into a money making machine attend Jeremy McGilvrey’s next webclass here ⇒ FreeInstagramWebclass.com!


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