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12 Steps to Boosting Your Self-Confidence

What is self-confidence, why do so many people lack it, and how do we acquire it if we don’t have it?

Self-confidence is self-assurance in your own ability. The Motivated Mind states, “Self-confidence is more of an attitude where you promise yourself no matter how difficult of problem life throws at you – you will try as hard as you can to help yourself. You will acknowledge that sometimes your efforts to help yourself may not result in success, because often being properly rewarded is not in your control.”

I think people who lack self-confidence depend too much on others to make them feel good about themselves. Listen to me closely here: You do not need people to validate you.

None of us are ever going to completely overcome a lack of self-confidence, everyone has it – the most successful people on the planet do to some degree. However, if you get shot down, learn to congratulate yourself for trying, rather than criticizing yourself or not succeeding. Immediately stop any negative self-talk. Replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Trust me, it can be done.
Self-confidence will make you unstoppable. But it has to come from within.

Here’s 12 suggestions to boost your confidence:

1. Remember the good times
2. Dress for success
3. Stand tall
4. Look others in the eyes
5. Let other people do the talking
6. Smile
7. Be okay with failure
8. Get around positive/uplifting people
9. Become a lifelong student
10. Exercise
11. Reward yourself
12. Give thanks


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